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About these events.

This branch of our company is an idea from Collin Murray. We host these train shows from October to May. We have many different displays and models for train/rail fans to look out. Not only will we be showing off models and displays (Displays as In Model Railroads) if vendors chose, they could sell models ranging from trains, to cars, to toy trains with many different brands.

Pricing is determined on what size of table (Or space) you need. Please email us about pricing and table/space size.

These events will hopefully be hosted in some of the locations that our main company, (Weddings To Be) is held in. Once we get a schedule in of our shows, you will be able to see time, dates, and locations these shedsule will be located at.

Let’s Work Together

Ivanhoe DR, Warren, MI 14312

Tel: 586-883-1891

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